Turtle Pond in the News

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We're grateful for the support of local media outlets who help increase awareness of the centre,

and we're happy to share their work here. (External links will open in a new browser window.)


CBC Sudbury: Turtle Pond Wildlife Centre has become go-to refuge for injured animals 

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  Morning North with Markus Schwabe - June 21, 2021: We visit the only wildlife rehabilitation facility in northern Ontario

  Morning North with Markus Schwabe - June 22, 2021: Helping injured or orphaned animals at the Turtle Pond Wildlife Centre

CTV Northern Ontario: Sudbury's Turtle Pond Wildlife Centre's mandate expands 

The Sudbury Star: Sudbury Accent: Turtle Pond's mandate expands: Valley facility is now the only real option in the North for accommodating orphaned and injured wildlife


Glencore Canada: Employee Spotlight: Gloria - A Passion for Wildlife

Sudbury.com:  Turtle Pond wildlife rescue centre holding online auction fundraiser

CTV Northern Ontario: Busy year for wildlife rescue as 'Turtle Pond' takes in additional animals

The Sudbury Star: Tufty waifs rescued from Garson golf course

The Wetaskiwin Times: Bracing for an influx of ailing, orphaned wildlife


CBC: 'Tina' the turtle back home in Dryden after Sudbury sojourn to heal a cracked shell

The Sudbury Star: Accent: The perilous journey of turtles

The Sudbury Star: Orphaned Ravens Recuperating