At Turtle Pond Wildlife Centre we focus on the rescue and rehabilitation of turtles as well as bats. We do take in other species on a case by case basis.

Injured adults

At Turtle Pond Wildlife Centre we receive turtles for many reasons, but most often because they have been hit by cars. They may also come in because they are sick, caught in a trap, or have been hit with a boat propeller. They receive medication to manage pain and any infections that may occur, as well as professional veterinary care. 


When injured turtles arrive at the centre, they may be gravid (carrying eggs).  They may lay their eggs while recovering, and we incubate those eggs. The babies that hatch will be overwintered and released the following spring to give them the best chance of survival.

Other species

Although we specialize in turtles, we do take in other species on a case by case basis. We specialize in bats, and try to accommodate other animals in need the best we can. If we cannot provide care, we will stabilize animals and arrange transport for care at other facilities whenever possible.

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